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iMac® 27″ PrivaScreen™ – Privacy Filter, Fellowes *3760*

• Darkens screen image when viewed from 30˚ side angle to prevent prying eyes from reading your screen, while keeping a crystal clear screen image from straight-on view
• Protect your screen from scratches and fingerprints and is easy to attach and remove
• Reversible, the matte side helps reduce glare and prevent eye strain
• 649mm W x 387mm H

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Fellows Privascreen Blackout Privacy Filter for Monitors

Increased Need for Privacy Protection

With mobile devices being used more in public, privacy protection has become an increasingly important issue. ‘Shoulder surfing’ as it has become labeled, is a growing form of identity theft in which private on-screen information is either viewed or photographed over the shoulders of anyone using a mobile device.

Prevent Prying Eyes

Whether you use a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can protect your privacy in public with Fellowes PrivaScreen Filters.

Clear Front View, Total Blackout Side View

PrivaScreen Filters blackout the screen image when viewed from side angles to prevent prying eyes from reading your screen. Yet on-screen data is clearly visible from a straight-on view, allowing you to work worry-free, even on the go.

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